The Road – Mike Holcroft

the imagined and the real

Mike Holcroft

1947 Born Blackburn, Lancashire
1965-67 Blackburn School of Art
1967-72 Walthamstow College of Art BA
1972-76 Royal College of Art, London – MA painting

This is an exhibition of two halves.

Cars zip across an imagined panoramic mountainous landscape. Drama is heightened by suggested clouds of toxic emissions and melting glacial ice, ecological reminders within these sumptuous works. in these sumptuous works. Benefiting from the strong pigment of coloured pastel each landscape is dominated by a singular colour.

By contrast in the second series, charcoal is used to capture the play of light and dark in highly detailed, finely tuned, observational drawings. The observer directly ‘on the road’, characterised by serpentine meanderings, through atmospheric rural and urban landscapes. The interplay of imagination and perception make for a fine exhibition.

Selected Works

Selected works show 15 of 28 works in exhibition


Mike Holcroft trained with that hotbed of progressive young painters who moved through Walthamstow College of Art en route to the Royal College of Art in the mid 1970s.

Process driven artist Mike Holcroft uses graphic media in pursuit of his theme ‘The Road’, capturing the intensely dramatic landscape in the Pennines which have increasingly influenced his
development over the past few years. Working in both observational and imaginative modes, he creates images that are not only powerfully expressive, but also emotionally truthful in effect.
(Nicholas Usherwood – Features Editor Galleries Publication)

Selected Exhibitions

1979 Neue Galerie, Darmstadt, Germany
1984 Harvey Gallery, Guildford
1984 London Group Open Exhibition
1984 Steiger Jones, New York
1985 ‘Stones on the Path’ solo 181 Gallery, London
1985 ‘Dark Light’ Farnham Maltings
1986 Royal Academy summer Show (shortlisted 2 works)
1986 University Institute, Guildford
1987 Cleveland International Drawing Biennale
1990 Palo alto, Barcelona
1991 ‘Water’ Bracknell Gallery, Berkshire
1992 ‘Ship of Fools’ Acorn Gallery, Liverpool (4 paintings)
1993 Blackburn School of Art
1993 Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery
1993 ‘Search for Self’ Salters Gallery, Guildford
1994 Royal Academy summer Show (shortlisted 2 works)
1994 Cheltenham Open Drawing (3 drawings)
2005 ‘Flowers’ Solo exhibition Nant-y-Coy Arts, Pembrokeshire
2014 Solo exhibition Water Street Gallery
2015 ‘The Mirror Studies’ Solo exhibition Water Street Gallery