Spring Mixed Exhibition

The Spring Exhibition features three major Northern artists. Introducing two artists new to the gallery – Liz Salter and Malcolm Ludvigsen, and gallery artist Margaret Shields who’s work we have exhibited since opening Water Street Gallery nearly 8 years ago.

A sub title for this exhibition could be Sea and Land. There is no reason why landlocked Todmorden should not enjoy images of the sea, the contrasting moods of the North Sea in calm seas and beach of Scarborough, and stormy early morning and evenings of Saltburn-by-Sea with it’s famous promontory buffeted by lashing waves and rain, boats waiting out at sea for the safely of port. Alongside natures sea scape, Shields, work is never far from comments on human influences , with industry and people promenading, enjoying and sometimes struggling with weather. We welcome Malcolm Ludvigsen, from York, who works en plein-air, in all weathers.

Liz Salter

Inspiration comes from walking the land, especially the remote hilly areas of Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Scotland and Ireland. Liz enjoys exploring wild, undiscovered, rough places, where weather, time and the rhythms of the seasons mould and change the landscape.

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Malcolm Ludvigsen

‘I am a plein-air oil painter best known for my Yorkshire seascapes and beach scenes.  I believe that working outside, directly in front of the subject, gives my work a life and vibrancy sadly lacking in much of studio work. 

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Margaret Shields

‘Close to and all around the town are superb countryside and coastal areas. It is an area of industry and at the same time great natural beauty.
Do you wonder that my paintings contain sombre tones combined with flashes and flames of vapour, brilliant sunsets, and stormy skies? This “iron coast” is an exotic and strong landscape, which is not conventional ‘scenery’.

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Wild landscape, mainly of Yorkshire and Derbyshire is represented by equally energetic, equally fluid moods, through works on paper by Liz Salter, an artist new to the gallery and a great ‘find’.

Due to changes in our exhibition diary, we have extended the exhibition to the lower gallery with a mixed exhibition of gallery artists until 16th May.


This is a changing exhibition, collectors and customers may take works as soon as purchased, rather than waiting until the finish.


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Spring 2017


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Solo Exhibition


Bronze Sculpture
Marjan Wouda

until 28 May

Spring Exhibition


Margaret Shields
Malcolm Ludvigsen
Liz Salter

10 March – 28 May