Life & Death : Birth & Dying

In conjunction with the national and local Todmorden Pushing Up Daisies events we have developed the concept to include experiences of birth and the giving of Life – coming full circle.
Please note that this is a follow-on from the Todmorden PUD as dates did not coincide. Visual explorations of the traumas and joys of birth are realised alongside the sadness and devastation of death and dying, whether on a personal level or global; body and spirit.

We have intentionally avoided the sentimental and obvious, though some images may disturb – for this reason we have situated the exhibition in our lower gallery.

Spiritual awakening suggested by ‘The Annunciation’, the physical facts of pregnancy, the tender joys of birth and ideas, facts (sometimes amusing) and fears of motherhood are seen in the eyes of both genders of artists. The closeness of birth and death we leave to the observers conclusions.

Issues dealing with the facts and aftermath of war are seen in photographs of the Iraqi war taken in the Amiriyah shelter when a 2,000 pound GBU-27 laser guided bomb landed on a civilian shelter, killing 400 people. The shelter is a memorial with harrowing images of victims who’s body parts and profiles were fused into the concrete of the shelter. The politics of war, division, rule, weaponry and warfare in general are further issues.

The absence of the departed, the personal raw experience of a recently departed loved one is directly communicated by one artist who bravely traces her different moods and thoughts in painting and collage. Absence and emptiness there may be, but comfort can be found in talismanic objects – ceramic – and metaphoric imagery – the empty chair.


Though this is one of our shorter (in time) exhibitions, we think that it’s impact will be lasting and
well worth experiencing. Thank you to the artists.

Jen Altman  |  Jude Eldridge  |  Abbas Holcroft  |  Mike Holcroft  |  R. Holcroft  |  Jane Kendrick
Laura Garcia Martin  |  Peter Robinson  |  Helen Sargeant  |  Ian Taylor

This is a changing exhibition, collectors and customers may take works as soon as purchased, rather than waiting until the finish.


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