‘Islands’ | Shelley Burgoyne

In the Autumn of 2015 Shelley spent four weeks as Artist in Residence at the Venice School of Graphic Arts. Her residency project aimed to extend the artist’s fascination with the architecture of the natural world and build on previous work in Morecambe Bay, County Mayo and the River Severn, Gloucestershire.  During the residency Shelley worked at the Department of Micrology in Venice University where she spent time researching water samples from the Venice canals using the environment of a science laboratory to generate an artistic enquiry.

Since her return Shelly has been developing and experimenting her inspirational findings, frequently connecting with architecture and found nature.

Lived in Todmorden, West Yorkshire since 1984.
B.A. Honours Fine Art in 1979   M.A. Fine Art 1997.

“I am intrigued by water, seas, rivers, canals . . . . What is in it?                                       How it’s contents and  hidden secrets might reflect the place?”


This fine exhibition is her first Solo Exhibition in Water Street Gallery.
“My research time in Venice focussed on the water life of the canals, exploring and collecting, with a desire to find out what lies beneath the surface. I was surrounded by the stunning and overwhelmingly beautiful architecture of the city. Its ornate qualities interested me and how the roots of these architectural forms link to the natural world below it. The water over centuries has had a dramatic effect on the substructure of the city. The organic marine life is connected to the architecture of Venice: connected to us and our existence.

The Venice canal waters are abundant with life and teeming with growth. Looking through the microscope at my water droplet samples, I am amazed by the transient and changing nature of what I see. Minute threads of weed and microscopic animal life, coming in and out of focus. The art work I make is a reflection of this exploration and each series of prints is named after a part of Venice where the water samples were collected.

Collecting water samples and viewing them with microscopes reveals a wonderful hidden world of exquisite and delicate life”.

Shelley is a contemporary printmaker based in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, working across a wide range of printmaking media. Her intuitive creative approach flows through her innovative use of printmaking techniques. Her love of drawing, colour, marks and printmaking provide the starting point and inspiration for much of her image making.

Shelley Burgoyne’s new prints include a series of etchings; the Rialto, Cannaregio and Magdalena Series. In these works she combines etching with carborundum and linocut techniques. The etchings in the Laguna Series develop drawings made directly into her sketchbooks whilst working with the microscopic samples.

“The framework of printmaking gives me a structure in which I can be experimental. I mainly work with intaglio etching, collagraph, carborundum and relief print processes. My creative approach is organic and intuitive. I often work with multiple plates and create images as I draw on these side by side. I explore form and line, using the potential of printed layers and generate ‘new life’ in the process.”

Selected Exhibitions

2014 Flourish 2014 Excellence in Printmaking Award, Highly Commended
2013 AA2A Artist of the Year
2004 Printmaker’s Printmaker Award, National Printfest Cumbria

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2016 West Yorkshire Print Workshop Gallery, Mirfield, West Yorkshire
2015 Blue Moon, with Cupolo Gallery, Sheffield
2014 Prints and Drawings, Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax
2013 Towers and Columns, South Square Gallery, Thornton, Bradford
2007 Tidelines, Lancaster University Environment Centre Gallery
2006 Tidelines, Brantwood, Ruskin House Gallery, Coniston, Cumbria
2002 Shelley Burgoyne, Royal International Pavilion Gallery, North Wales
2002 Prints and Drawings, Workhouse Gallery, Chelsea, London
1999 Manchester Central Library Gallery

Her work is in many private collections and in the public collection at Bradford Hospitals.

Current Exhibitions

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