‘A Face to the World’ – Portrait – EXHIBITION 2016

A Face To The World’ – we all have a face; the first ‘object’ we see at birth is with a  face.

We invited 20 selected local and national artists to respond to a genre of fine art rarely seen in independent galleries – that of portraiture.

Capturing a likeness of the human face is of course  associated with fine art painting and sculpture. Traditionally  commissions were undertaken through clients wishing to conveying all manner of attributes – aggrandisement, power, beauty, wealth, learning and taste, then once photography  came on the scene  artists gained the freedom to be more experimental and expressive,  endeavouring to capture broader  truths, sometimes untruths.

Observation, perception, anatomy, symbolism, expression, imagination, psychology and  irony all come into play in this exhibition – ‘ A Face to The World’. A wide variety of media, including drawing, painting, assemblage, 3D,  ceramics, original prints, textile and text to iPad works are materials and tools which open up options for the artist and what can be said.

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Some artists in ‘A Face to The World’ stick with the convention of a life model, sometimes photographs and phones, others are looking inward or with imagination with revealing portraits and self-portraits of transformation, trying to escape the straight jacket of ‘the face’, others engaged in self-aggrandisement.

Picasso, Durer, Matisse and Vermer are exhibited alongside contemporary works by living artists! Come and see Mike Holcroft completing ‘The Girl with a Pearl Earring’ in the course of the exhibition.

There is special mini-exhibition celebrating the 400th year since Shakespeare’s demise. ‘Shakespeare – the man and his world’ comprises five panels imaging different plays together with the artist’s experience of Shakespeare’s plays and, having made a magical discovery of his works at the age of eleven through 68 years.

The exhibition runs from 8 October – 6 November.

Open Wednesday – Saturday 9.30 – 5.30pm and Sunday 11.00 – 3.00pm

25 Water Street Todmorden OL14 5AB

‘A Face to the World’ – Portrait – EXHIBITION 2016

Painting | Sculpture | Photography | Limited edition Prints | Fibre Art | Mixed Media

Jen Altman
Bohuslav Barkiw
Mya Benedict
Linda Brill
Chris Cullen
Barry De More
Paul Edmondson
Mike Holcroft
Rosemary Holcroft
Jan Huntley-Peace
Jeffrey Knopt
Michael Lavin
Francis Lloyd
Kate Lyall
Ann Somerset Miles
Duncan Pearson
Ian Taylor
Kenneth White

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