Timothy Harris

Hand blown hot glass

Lives and works Isle of Wight
Glass making at 13 years, in
Isle of Wight Studio Glass

From an early age Timothy was attracted by the heat and smoke of his father studio. By the time he was 13, standing on a beer crate and assisted by his younger brother Jonathan (now also a leading designer), he was able to make small glass birds. His aptitude for working with hot glass developed under his father’s tutelage, and he decided to make glassmaking his career. After completing formal college studies on the art and craft of glassmaking, in 1980 he returned to the Isle of Wight to join his father’s already successful studio.


Timothy was clearly exceptionally talented, and within a few years his technical innovation, commitment and attention to detail enabled him to take his place alongside the very best designers and glassmakers in Britain. In 1990 he produced a piece of glass as a gift for the Queen Mother’s 90th birthday and in the same year became a Royal Scholar. He used his scholarship to travel to the United States and work with eminent glass artists there. Another Royal assignment occurred in 2012, when he was chosen to make a gift for the Queens Diamond Jubilee on behalf of the people of the Isle Of Wight. He personally presented his Jubilee Bowl to her Majesty in a ceremony at Cowes.

Timothy continues to be fascinated by coloured and textured services, and by working with multiple layers of glass. This has taken him into areas such as sound carving, multi-layered casing techniques and into cameo and Graal (‘Graal’ is the ancient Nordic term for ‘Holy Grail’). Many of his designs are also evocative of the colours, textures and forms found in nature. He particularly enjoys integrating multinational approaches to glassmaking into his pieces. However the flagship technique of his studio is the incorporation of precious metal such as gold and silver into the designs.

Timothy is now recognised worldwide as a leading designer and maker of studio glass. His work is to be found in the private collections, galleries, museums and retail outlets of many countries. His studio pieces are appreciated by glass enthusiasts as desirable and collectible investments, as well as objects of beauty that are a joy to own and part of the enduring legacy of British craftsmanship.

One of the mottos of Isle of Wight Studio Glass is: ‘Passionate about the art of glass’. Timothy says: “My passion is an absorption with the material and the limitless possibilities of what can be done with it. Every day I ask myself what the material is going to show me today! Whatever that is, I am going to be able to call on it on the next day, and on the day after that. It is totally absorbing, it has to be.”

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