Sue Dunne

BA Ceramics Bath Academy
Lives and works in Northumberland

My work directly reflects my year-round fascination with natural history, particularly plant-life when it’s wild. Over the months, seasons and years I have been building up a library of records in the form of moulds of pressed flowers, twigs, seeds, leaves, berries and feathers.


I feel privileged that something as beautiful, but so flimsy and transient, as a flower can be given more permanence by my ceramic work.

As well as through the colouration, the methods I use ensure that each piece is a separate and individual work of art rather than using ‘mass-produced’ identical moulds. Everything is twice- fired, the colour being applied before the second (glaze) firing at just under 1100 degrees C.

Selected Exhibitions

Member of Network Artists Northumberland
Exhibitor at Potfest (Penrith) since 1996
Winner of Craftsman Magazine Award 2007
Commissioned to design and produce ceramic eggs for the ‘World of Beatrix Potter Attraction’ Easter Egg hunt in England since 2008, and in Japan for 2011
Magazine article – Craft and Design Magazine 2008
Newspaper article – Die Zeit 2010
Collaborations, especially with poet Linda France as in Book of days
Several joint projects, especially with artist Rosie Villiers-Stuart