Justin Munson

Hand built earthenware ceramics

St. Martins School of Art

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.’ William Morris

This basic tenet of the Arts and Crafts movement provides the ethos behind Justine’s ranges of hand drawn porcelain artworks.
Her marine and floral designs are eminently collectable and are ‘Quintessentially English with a twist’.
Each handmade piece is sensitively decorated by the artist with an authentic drawing executed in ceramic oxide pencils.

Selected Works


Justine makes each porcelain “canvas” by hand in her Leatherhead studio, before bisque firing it. She then draws on it using a mixture of oxides before fixing the decoration with a second firing. The work is then glazed and finally fired to around 1250C, to vitrify the porcelain and intensify its translucency.
The forms and decoration of Justine’s work are influenced by nature.
Each handmade piece is an individual and unique work of art, individually signed.

Selected Exhibitions

Justin exhibits and supplies prestigious galleries and outlets throughout the UK such as
Kew Gardens, Farnham Maltings, RHS Hampton Court Flower Show.