Billy Adams

1988 Master of Arts (Ceramics) South Glamorgan
1986 BA (Hons) 3D design (Ceramics) University of Ulster
1990 Certificate of Education Gwent College
1983 Foundation Art & Design Ulster Polytechnic

Billy Adams is a potter whose work deals with exploring ad experimenting with aspects of landscape.  He works within the vessel format, combining textures and colours to give the viewer an intimate insight into his private view of ceramics.  This world is a combination of structures and forms interacting with man made elements, provoking the onlooker to question the value of a vessel as a piece of sculpture.

Selected Works


Billy prefers to stay within the realms of the vessel.  Rims, handles, lips and balance are commonplace within traditional ceramics, yet he uses them in a unique integrated structure which elevates them beyond their own identifiable function and so gives them another meaning.  Their conclusive forms are recognised as jugs, bowls and vessels; however, these represent profound arguments concerning issues of an individual’s perception and memory of an ever-changing landscape.

Selected Exhibitions

Stoke-on-Trent Contemporary Ceramics Collection
Crawford Museum, Cork, Ireland
Newport Museum, south Wales
Various European private collectors
University of Wales aberystwyth
University of Ulster
Swansea Institute of Higher Education

Numerous Solo and Group Shows throughout Great Britain, and internationally in USA, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany and has represented Ireland in the International Pottery Festival

Many residences and teaching posts (ceramics) and is currently Lecturer in Ceramics
at Barry College.

Articles have appeared in various magazines and journals such as
Ceramic Review
Ceramics Technical