Alan Ball

Lives and works N.E England

I taught art and pottery at ‘Highfield Comprehensive School’. I left teaching and rented a studio workshop at Washington Art Centre and worked there as a teacher and full time self employed potter for twenty years, making domestic ware and commissioned pots. I am a founder member of Northern Potters.

Selected Works


I now work from my home studio making shadow raku pots.’Shadow Raku’ pots are also known as ‘Sacrifical Raku’ which means the glaze is prevented from adhering to the biscuit pot by means of putting a layer of slip between the pot and the glaze, therefore after firing in a raku kiln the glaze melts and on cooling the glaze falls off the pot to reveal a shadow of the crackle and graphic design etc. The pot is then polished with bees’s wax.

Selected Exhibitions

1976    King Edward School Gallery, Morpeth. One man painting show.
1978    Northern Potters Exhibition, Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead.
1980    Washington Arts Centre. One man show, Pottery.
1986    Northern Potters Exhibition, Marie Jordan Gallery. Wakefield.
1987    Goldborogh Gallery, Knaresborough, Yorkshire. NPA exh.
1988    Grosmont Gallery, Yorkshire. Pottery.
1990    The Chelsea Art & Craft Fair. London.
2009    Pots in the Pens, International Ceramics Fair,Penrith,Cumbria.
2010    Pots in the Pens, Penrith
2010    Christmas Present Show, Shipley Art Galley. Gateshead.
2011    Northern Clay 2011, Newcastle Arts Centre.
2011    Earth & Fire 2011, Rufford Park, Nottingham.
2011    Pots in the Pens, Penrith, Cumbria
2011    Gallery 1611, Alston, Cumbria, all of October.
2012     Northern Clay Exhibition, Biscuit Factory, Newcastle.
2013     Pots in the Pens, Penrith, Cumbria
2014       Joe Cornish Gallery, Northallerton, Yorkshire.    May
2014       Water Street Gallery, Todmorton.
2014        Pots in the Pens, Penrith Potfest.
2014        Durham Cathedral, Gallilee Chapel   November.
2015        Water Street Gallery, Todmorton.    June.