‘Touching Ground’-Josehine Gornall-20x30cm-£140.jpg

‘Autumn Moor’-Ela Manser – 30x38cm-£225.jpg

‘Golden Shores’-Valerie Wartelle- 90x47cm-£500.jpg

‘Arterial’ -Sarah Villeneau-37x40x22cm-£1,100.jpg

‘Eroding Book and Feather-‘ Malcolm Whittaker-41x41cm-£460.jpg

‘Dreamscape 2-Glynn Barnard – 53 x 43cm-£120.jpg

‘View from Warley Allotments 2’ – Chris Czainski – 39 x 22cm- £275.jpg

‘Dadirri’-Maria Rikteryte-42x42cm-£95.jpg

‘Mount Cross’-Elizabeth White-20x30cm-£130.jpg

‘Rain Coming’-Malcolm Taylor-20x20cm-£240.jpg

‘Harcastle Craggs’-Paul Czainski’-40x40cm-£650.jpg

‘Sunflowers’-Jane Burgess -35 x 30cm £295.jpg

“Bridestones at dawn” -Clare Pearl-43x53cm-£250.jpg

‘Elland Bridge’ Barry de More 66x68cm- £1,296.jpg

‘Lumb Falls’-Jason Howgate-80x113cm-£1,500.jpg

‘Golden Field’-DominicVince-30x25cm-£450.jpg

‘Walking on the Moors’-Lucy Atherton-40x30cm-£250.jpg

‘The Pool’-Richard Wincer-50x40cm-£545.jpg

‘Edgelands’-Jo Brown-50x50cm-£525.jpg

‘Wanderer N0.6’ – Jude Eldridge-30x24cm-£95.jpg

‘The Old Mill’-Emma Jane Robertson-detail -.jpg

‘Landmark Event in British UFO History’-Colin Lyall- detail -£295.jpg

‘The Tops 1’-Noreen White- 62x64cm-£85.jpg

‘Footpath to Sea’-Maria Motowylcsky-20x18cm-£225.jpg

‘Sea Ledge 2’-Chris Bland- 56cms x 46cms-£250.jpg

‘blood red fingerprint piece’-Sally Barker- 14cm ht-£250.jpg

Bowland-Michael Peace- 71x61cm-£750.jpg

WSW towards Cocker Shield -Stephen Livingstone-58x48cm-£540.jpg

moon scape, machine sewing with dyes 58x48cm.jpg

Water Street Gallery is a vibrant and inspiring gallery for contemporary art showcasing and selling original art from leading artists and committed to promoting the work of up-and-coming talents. We showcase and sell quality original painting and sculpture, complimented by selected applied arts specialising in ceramics, glass, limited edition prints and jewellery. Whether you are a collector, investor or first time buyer you will be warmly welcomed to visit the gallery, browse for your enjoyment and inspiration, and share in our passion for the art experience.

Current Exhibitions

Focusing on bringing quality original art to a wide audience in 3 friendly and relaxed gallery spaces, through comprehensive programmes of solo and themed exhibitions. Our leading gallery artists are represented throughout the year, while we also host open and community exhibitions, being committed to promoting the work of up-and-coming talents. Visit the gallery and browse for your enjoyment and inspiration, and share in our passion for the art experience.

‘ From Urban to Wild ’

Various artists

8 July – 25 Sept


Various artists

8 July – 25 Sept

Penny Hunt

New ceramic work
Dreaming collection

June – July